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Simon Walcot, Garden Designer Kent
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Although, having originally graduated as a Landscape Architect, Simon Walcot, has spent much time over recent years, practising as a Garden Designer for private clients. This breadth of experience enables him to engage in many tasks, from landscape design of commercial projects and large estates through to smaller more intimate private gardens.

His portfolio illustrates designs varying from the organic / naturalistic to formal geometry, and from the traditional, cottage style to minimal / contemporary.

Much of Simon’s inspiration stems from nature and his extensive travels. Artistic influences include: Goldsworthy, Hepworth; architects like Brannigan and Gaudi, and several garden designers/plantsmen such as Caruncho, Oudolf, Chatto and Bradley-Hole. Many of the gardens he has created have strong annual interest in terms of form and colour with an emphasis on low maintenance. Adopting a sustainable approach while using traditional, quality and often reclaimed materials, in an updated design.

This combination of soft and hard elements generates a space of sensual maturity, where the textural planting softens the clean, modern lines, while engaging the user with the bespoke workmanship and materials.

In any space, the marriage of function and the aesthetic is key to a successful design. Furthermore, with the right context, proportions and movement within and around the space, the individual character of a garden can be fully experienced.

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